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With a steadfastly contrarian sensibility and a lively appreciation of both the profound and the absurd, Tom Pamperin sets out with his cantankerous sidekick Jagular (a fourteen-foot boat he built in his backyard from cheap plywood, a 2x4 mast, and a plastic tarp for a sail) on a series of sail and oar (mis)adventures ranging from the Gulf Coast to the Great Lakes.


The result is at once a tongue-in-cheek expression of the realities of small boat sailing, and a playful exploration of the inevitable tension between cynicism and romance, between self-deception and sincerity.



Jagular Goes Everywhere

  (mis)Adventures in a $300 Sailboat

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Buy a book, help Farley Boat Works! 

Port Aransas, Texas was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. To help the local boatbuilding and small boat sailing scene, I'm donating all profits from book sales from now until April 9 to Farley Boat Works, sponsor of the annual Port Aransas plyWooden Boat Festival.

Help me help them--order a copy of Jagular Goes Everywhere now and your payment (minus shipping costs) will go to Farley Boat Works' recovery efforts. Thanks for your support!

Reviews of Jagular Goes Everywhere


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Highly recommended for the small boat sailor, or big boat sailor, or armchair sailor, or just for people who like to read about other people doing damp, uncomfortable things for fun. 



The writing is strong, thoughtful, and at times totally hilarious . . . a meditation on a life dedicated, in some small way, to solitude and contemplation. This book deserves many readers.


          -Scott Korb, author of Light Without Fire and

            Life inYear One


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