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You can read a little of my published writing by clicking on the images below.

"Jagular at Swan Lake"


A small boat provides an escape from a crowded commercial campground.

"The Everglades Challenge in a Wooden Boat"


An account of a six-day, 300-mile small boat adventure race around Florida in March of 2013, from Tampa to Key Largo.

"All Right, Then, I'll Go To Hell"


An exploration of school rules and the teachers who are asked to enforce them suggests something about where public education has gone wrong.

"Paper Tiger"


A brief look at what a typical high school copy room can show us about wasted resources and unequal division of wealth.

"An Investment in History"


The world's largest private collection of wooden boats goes on the block at a public auction with no minimum prices.

Chasing Ghosts in the Grand Canyon:

A Colorado River Run


An unedited blog posted via satellite in real time during a self-guided trip through Grand Canyon National Park in 2012.               

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